Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Max is enjoying getting around these days. He's not figured out how to go forwards but definitely has the hang of going backwards. We find him in all sorts of hilarious places lately, wedged in between and underneath things.

Here he is in Florida wedged underneath Grammy's bed.

Here he is at home wedged between the chair and couch.

Here he is tonight in his stuck under his bed. He was mostly frustrated because his head kept him from going any further back.

We've still been fighting some sickness here at our house, it's down to mostly me though to be honest. Just when I thought I was better from a cold, I caught some sort of virus and have been back down the past two days. I've been trying so hard to get better because there's so much to do. We'll see how well I feel tomorrow. Hopefully better than today.

Here's some more cute pics of Max to tide you over.... Especially you Grandpa.


Darby said...

Cute little crawler! I remember the days of scooting backwards!
I especially like the barefoot pic where Max is smiling and he has his hand on his foot.
I miss ya'll!

Mark said...

Yea!!!!Pictures of Max. He is so handsome. He will look great with mu puppy. Just think of what he will get into when he can see where he is going. We are thankful for your friends helping you with the house. Good to see Adam learning maintenace.

Love, Dad