Sunday, November 16, 2008

I saw snow today. Not on the TV, but in real life. Well, it was just flurries, but it was too much for me.

Five Reasons I Miss Working (These are for you Tina and Elea)
1. Adam doesn't encourage my crafting the way you did
2. I didn't have to clean up poop once while working at the Auto
3. I miss having lovely conversations with Hessina
4. I don't get updated on the news nearly as much and I haven't been to YouTube in months
5. I have a pile of magazines taller than my kid that haven't been read
And Bonus #6 - I haven't had good coffee or tea in quite a while
Oh yeah, I also miss Chinese food with brown sauce,
Oooo and making fun of Kerry while he's asleep and to his face :)
Oh! And I miss our secret club where we took over the universe, because we are way smarter than everyone else on the planet and a lot less annoying.

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elea said...

thanks for the big shout out for me & tina!

miss ya!