Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogging Slacker

I've been a blogging slacker lately. I guess we've been a little too busy and then I've been spending the rest of the time catching up on things, like sleep. And now I'm working on a few new things. At the house, for Max's birthday, some crafty things.

Poor Max has been passed around alot lately since we've been busy with the house. He's had great people to watch himm but I've missed him and so we've spent a lot of time this week just playing on the floor. He's at such a fun age where he will respond to a few directions (no, yuck, ouch) and also needs constant supervision since he has decided everything should go into his mouth, I sweep everyday and somehow he still finds leaves, pennies, lint, dried pasta, to put into his mouth.

He has been discovering new favorite toys these days and loves to play ball. He loves to throw and throw and throw and chase and throw and throw and throw.
He also likes to go backwards on this little rider.
But we do still have our old favorites.
yarn and laundry baskets

With Mark, Roger, and Uncle Rick in town we took the opportunity go to Alexander's Steak House. Yum! I don't get to get in on all the fun (you cook your own steak on a huge grill) but I love the salad bar and the Texas toast.
Here are the guys grilling away.

I have been starting to plan out Max's first birthday. I am planning a fish themed party and have been working on the invite and some ideas.

Last night I finished a baby afghan for little Liam being born this summer. He will be Kate's little brother and will be loved so much.
I've got a plan for some aprons and also am still working on Max's spring sweater. It has been altered a couple of times to customize it for Max but I think I'm on the tale end of it now that I'm working on the body.


Laura said...

I did a double-take, no, a triple-take of the new header picture of Max. His hair is so long! He suddenly looks like a toddler and not a baby anymore!

Darby said...

Re: A's blog: of course seeing Kate for the first time ever was the best ever! The best part of labor (and delivery--though you could probably argue that delivery means you get to see the baby) was pushing for me. I'll have to say you're right on the BEST part! Don't hate.

I miss you too much. I hope you get to come and see us this summer after we've enjoyed the best (newborn) part w/ Liam.

Aren't there lots of best parts now? Laughs, toddling, singing, resting, snuggling, making a mess, watching things, doing things, (almost?) walking...?

Darby said...

Oh yeah! The best (though unsolicited) idea that I was given for Kate's first was: don't do too much (they'll see pictures, but they won't remember) & keep it simple!
I can't believe that Max is almost a ONE year old!