Friday, March 6, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 16- Kitchen Pictures

Well I went yesterday to paint the wallpaper and it was not sticking to the wall in spots. So what to do but rip it all down and call it a wash. We don't know what we'll do in there with the "problem wall" and we're kinda just backing off of it for a while to see what comes to mind.... my thought is that we'll use the same texture on the wall that we used in the bathroom. Just throwing it out there, we'll see where it lands.

The old digital camera has been found. Here are the kitchen pictures, see Update #15 for the before pictures....

The three doorways in a row, complete with one partially blocked by a fridge. In order, bathroom, attic/playroom, dining room. Not much flow planning in these older houses...

This picture shows the movement from the kitchen to the dining room, to the living room. I love all the colors together.
This one shows the built in on the left and the back door. Oh yeah, and my pink tile back splash.

This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day when I heard a slight thud. Pretty common around here, really. But I went to peek on Max in the living room and I found this sight.
He had pulled the laundry basket off the couch and on top of himself and was ok until he realized he couldn't get it off of himself. Hilarious baby cage!


Laura said...

Funny how the paint colors you chose make the house look much more modern!

Love the baby booby trap you set for Max!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!! Great update on the kitchen!! Max takes after his dad!! Mom