Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 17- Dining Room, Etc.

We have quite a bit of work done at the house. New light fixtures galore and especially the new wainscoting in the dining room. Overall the process is really easy, but system at Menards and invite unsuspecting relative to spend the weekend and let him do it while you continue about your own business. Well at least that's how it worked for us.... The system we used was already pre-primed so it just needed a coat (or two) of paint and put up according to directions that come with the packages. I only got half of it painted before it was put up so I have some filling to do (becuase surpise our walls are not flat) and the rest of the painting to accomplish.

The other men completed a slew of electircial work around the house. We have a new fuse box, some added lighting in the basement, lots of new light fixtures, all new electrical outlets and light switches. There was a light switch that I couldn't figure out what it did. Well we figured that out and now have it hooked up to two outlets. This work (while extremely helpful to the process) doesn't look all the different in the house. You would notice it if it wasn't done (and I love how bright my kitchen is now) but since it's been done you don't notice it quite at much.

Before- Dining Room
Here is an inprogress picture of the dining room

After- Some different angles of the new room

There are a number of rooms you won't see again until they are finished- Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining room, Max's room, and Living room.
The rooms that are left are the Master Bedroom and the two Upstairs Bedrooms. Tomorrow I'm going to check out carpet, if I pick that out maybe we'll get motivated to deal with our room and the stairs.


Mark said...

It is coming together nicely' What color are you going to paint the radiators? The unsuspecting relative did a nice job.

Laura said...

It's looking lovely! Can't wait to see it all in person again...someday!

Heidi said...

Yeah! An update! Things are looking good!