Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bloggy Type Update- Edited!

We've been ok around here, just busy and we had an accident with Max this week. I only mention it because everything is ok and he is perfectly fine. Once again I've been amazed with how resilient kids are. I, on the other hand, may have gotten my first bunch of gray hair. He has reached the stage where he's mobile and aware enough to be completely hazardous to his own self and those around him. I've never realized all the totally deathly things there are around our home. Open electrical sockets, the fireplace, loose change that's fallen on the floor, dust bunnies, kitchen cabinets and drawers, etc. etc. etc. I seem to chase after Max all day, saying, "no that's dangerous" over and over.

Edited: Max took a tumble. He's fine for those of you who wondered/called about it. He didn't even end up with bruises or blood or anything. The word choice was because, it was horrifying to me... that he has no fear. I promise, he's fine, obviously as you can see from the pictures. I've taken out the scary language. :)

But we even avoided a trip to the doctor for almost a week now (we were at the doctor 3 times in February) and the house has been completely disinfected, and hopefully no more sickness will enter, and we can also all stay safe at least through the spring.

I should have quite a bit to talk about this week and next with quite a few updates regarding the house. My mom is driving in tonight and staying until Wednesday to completely blitz out the kitchen and then on Friday a work group consisting of Adam's Dad, Pastor Chip, and Dad (Andi's Dad) will be here through Sunday- Hopefully we'll get the master bedroom done and all the electrical work that needs updated done as well. We have a dining room floor finished and it's beautiful! I do love it. I'll have lots of photos and explanations regarding these things in the near future.

I've started to stray from the construction phase of this to the design phase. I'm starting to envision curtains and decorative painting, picture frames and art ideas, new pillows and towels. All the stuff that makes it a home. It's getting harder and harder to stay focused, but I'll persevere and try to remain calm while I pick out carpet and linoleum.

I've also started planning Max's first birthday party. It's only two and half months away! It will also be an open house for people to see our new home, so it's a little more planning than just a cake in the shape of a bunny or something. I've got a theme (I love themes!) and a general plan down. I'm excited to be designing the invites and all the pieces. I love throwing parties. Especially when I have my own house to throw them in!

Well here's a little recap of my week.... how was yours?

Max showing off his fangs
(I finished the Twilight Series last night, so I'm all about the vampires right now)
Max's "Hulk Smash" I'm angry face.
Favorite past time of all kids everywhere, taking the paper off the roll.
"What Mom? I'm just standing here."


Anonymous said...

Good to see the adorable-all in tact picture of our little guy-who by the way is not staying so little! Have an awesome week!! I'll get all the details later!! Grammy

Amber said...

Love the Hulk face! Do you get that a lot? Did Adam teach him that face when you try to serve him veggies?

Jason Paragon said...

Max looks adorable:) Prayerfully, the illnesses are gone for a while! love and hugs, Amy

Kara said...

That angry face looks just like his Uncles angry face! lol...

Anonymous said...

He is standing! What a big boy.... Can't wait to see the house- hopefully in person. Everyone loved the Valentine's picture of Max and the hat. Wishing you wellness. Tina