Friday, March 13, 2009

Cannot believe it!

Today Max is 10 months old. I just cannot believe where the time has gone. I was drooling over pictures last night of our friends' 3 day old, at the same time a baby commercial came on, and boo hoo! I looked at my little guy destroying a notebook I had on the couch. Gosh it seems like just yesterday I couldn't wake him up enough to feed him. So Amber, just remember, it goes by way too fast, Ben will be a big kid in the blink of an eye. I know everyone says it, but it's so true. I get the feeling that too soon we'll be sending our boys off to college.

A la Facebook here's 25 Random Things About Max....
1. His favorite food group is: things that should be in the trash
2. He loves to play with the sock monkey we gave him for Christmas, you can say, "Where's your monkey?" and he'll crawl over to get it.
3. It's also the only thing he'll give hugs to if you ask him to.
4. He begs worse than a puppy when you have food and gets very angry when you won't let him have any. Especially ice cream and sweets.
5. He's gotten double the amount of hair in the past month and it's blonde just like his mama's was.
6. He will crawl in from another room if he hears Steve Songs on PBS.
7. He loves to dance.
8. Mama's bag is his favorite thing to discover and explore.
9. He learned how to close doors this week
10. He also learned where I hide my yarn. So he'll go into the guest room and close the door so I can't find him playing with it.
11. Today his favorite room to play in is my bedroom
12. He's figured our how to turn around to get off the couch
13. He doesn't like to hold on to our hands to walk, but loves to "do it himself" by holding on to other objects to walk
14. He LOVES older kids especially at AWANA
15. So far today he has not eaten anything he wasn't supposed to
16. He does not like to wear socks. He'll pull them right off if he can.
17. He crawls with one knee and one foot to get maximum movement
18. Sometimes his legs go faster than his hands and he face plants = HILARIOUS!
19. His favorite game is to throw the ball and then chase it
20. His other favorite toy (besides ball and yarn) is my tape measure from my sewing box
21. He weighed 24 lbs yesterday when I weighed him. I thought it was a lot less.
22. He's gotten a lot taller in the past few weeks, and has slimmed down a bit.
23. He loves to look out the window at the street and cars
24. He also loves his Daddy and gets super excited when he comes home from work.
25. He takes after his Dad and has developed a dislike for peas.


Sicky Monkey said...

I gave you the smoking Typewriter Award...check out my blog for details :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such fun tidbits about our big guy!!!Time really does fly by!! Wow-how many things you have squeezed into the last 10 months!! Miss you bunches!! Grammy

Laura said...

He sure has a lot in common with Dude. They both like to eat out of the trash, chase balls, and look out the window, and get excited when dad gets home. They could be BFFs.

Love Dad

Infarrantly Creative said...

Look at those kissable. Thanks for visiting my blog. I, too am a pastor's wife. I am originally from IL too. Where in IL do you live? They also have a book called Toddlerwise that we used too. There is some great advice in there. It is all part of the Growing Kids God's Way series. Anywho, just thought I would mention that.

Laura said...

Wow, Dad's picture looks just like mine...

He really loves Steve Songs? I love that he closes the door behind him so he can get into things without ou knowing...heheheh.