Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 18 and What a Beautiful Day!

The weather here is JUST GORGEOUS! It is mid 60s and sunny and not windy at all. Tomorrow the high is 73. I will be out walking in the afternoon, there is no doubt about that. Today I sat on our porch sunning my sad pale legs while finishing up some stuff for the Girls Conference this weekend with a cup of iced coffee in my hand. It was a great feeling.

This morning we worked at the house, whew man I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know there's a LOT still I'd like to do, but really it's almost livable already and I love the thought of that. Adam and John (boy he's been such a wonderful help, I need suggestions on something really nice to do for him) started repairing the ceiling and walls going up the staircase. You see, while we were taking the wallpaper off the plaster all started to come down with it, in large chunks. It looked like a disaster. It's looking MUCH better now. They cleaned it all out and even dug some extra out to help it be more stable and now they are doing a major repair job taping and mudding all the corners and mudding some of the major holes before me , The Red Devil Queen, gets to fine tune it. Red Devil spackle has become my best friend. It's basically how our house is being held together. I'm also in the process of Red Deviling the wainscoting in the diningroom around the corners and holes our unplum walls have caused, but I ran out of Red Devil this morning so I switched to starting the demo in the master bedroom by taking down some wallpaper, yes more wallpaper, and I joyfully did it because it's the last that's left in the house.

Do you wonder what Max did today while we were working? He played in his BRAND NEW ROOM! That's right, I finally got it clean enough and safe enough to give him some room to play. He also found his container of rice puffs and proceeded to eat about 5 servings of them after he dumped them all out. It kept him quiet for two hours and he also ate all his lunch when we got home.

Tonight we are going to take a look at carpet and try and decide. I think there are just too many decisions that I get overwhelmed (hunh, noticing a trend here in that, same thing happened with the kitchen, has happened with paint in almost every room, etc.). Wish me luck! :)


Laura said...

Love the look on Max's! Cute rug in his room too, by the way.

Heidi said...

Yeah Max! Next time look for cookies!