Friday, March 13, 2009

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Today Max was supposed to take his nap, you know "the daily two-three hours to mama's self" nap. Yeah, after 45 minutes that was over (what's with this kid, he's normally a great sleeper). But being the great mom I am, I left him in his crib for another 45 minutes while he chatted and whined to himself about his plight in life. I had work to do and it wasn't gonna do itself. So I got him up and knew that we would both need something to get us through the afternoon, if only it wasn't freezing outside we could take a walk, but I decided it was high time I got some seedlings started for spring. Originally in the fall when we bought the house, I had delusions about a grand garden in the back growing all kinds of vegetables and herbs and decking the front beds out with new flowers. Yeah, I'm getting more realistic every day and have decided I'll start with some herbs to put in pots and see where that goes. There's always next year right?

So we played with dirt on the kitchen table and I've set the boxes in the window that gets morning sun for tomorrow. I'll move it to the front window that gets afternoon sun then. I've started with some basics that we use all the time in hopes that I'll be cooking with it in no time. I've planted Lemon Basil (I love the smell), Lavender (again love the smell), and Cilantro (I use the paste I can find in the grocery for just about everything thanks to being in Texas so long). I've tried growing things before and it has always been a disaster. I'm hoping for better results this time. We'll see in two weeks or so just how well I'll be able to do.

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Laura said...

I've always wanted to do potted herbs for cooking, but I never know where to keep them where they will get sun but not by a window that I'll forget about them. Good luck!