Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy-ness of life

I've not gotten to do the things I should and like to do with the busy-ness of life lately.
But here's some things that are flitting through my mind.

Our back yard looks amazing! Thanks Dad and Adam for their hard work this weekend. Adam is making his inaugural mow tonight (we've been paying a teenager to mow it until now).

I love our new chairs on our porch. They aren't what I want for long term out there, but I've sat a good spell on them each day since we've gotten them.

I'm loving the weather this summer here. Today its sunny, breezy and 73. Couldn't be any better.

If you haven't figured it out by now I had a habit of starting a lot of projects at once and then fizzling between them until they are finished. Goal for the day is to finish Mom's cable scarf and the VVS blanket. They are so close to being finished. That leaves one working project (the shawl) and a bazillion I want to start. In fact I've got so much yarn bought for projects I've put myself on a yarn store ban until I finish all the projects that the yarn is downstairs for. That's 6 unstarted projects people. 6! Two baby blankets, three hats (one adult and two childrens), and a baby sweater.

Here's some picture goodies to enjoy

Max had an ice cream cone, Kudos to Adam for suggesting we give it to him while he was in the bathtub. When he was done we just turned on the water.

I was setting up the camera for family pictures this weekend and caught these shots....

And then the family pictures where everyone is acting nice...

Apparently I didn't get the blue memo.

I'm off to my front porch while it's still nap time with some knitting and iced tea.


Amber said...

Blue or not, I think you look fabulous darling. I just got back from sitting on the porch, but I stink. It isn't 73 degrees here! I'm coming to your porch.

Laura said...

Hilarious pictures of Adam and Mark :)

Ella is starting to get excited to see Max again. She wants to look at his picture a lot, and she liked this ice cream one!