Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I while back my friend Mary Beth brought me some mint from her garden. It was weeks ago. To be honest I totally forgot about it. It got stuck in the back of the fridge and left there, until today. I thought of it there in the fruit crisper and used trusty google to find out what to do with it. Luckily the mint was still ok, it hadn't molded or anything. It still smelled fresh too.

I found these instructions and used the "microwave" method. Anything to cut some time out and who can leave their oven door open? Really? I'd like to try and keep Max away from that one.
It literally took me two minutes to dry all the mint. One minute to get all the leaves off the stem and one minute to dry it. I have them sitting and cooling now in a little plastic container to make sure all the moisture is gone, and then I'll be making some tea. I should have saved some to make tea with while fresh, but I wasn't thinking. But my whole house and especially my hands smell wonderful!

Otherwise, we're getting ready for guests this weekend (are there many weekends where we don't have guests?) and I'm trying to catalogue the books we have using Shelfari. If you are interested, there's also Library Thing and another one that's escaping my mind right now. It will be great to have them all organized. I do quite often say, "Do we have that book already?" I guess that's what happens when there's so many books you have read or want to read. But hmmm, I never have to wonder, "Do I already have that yarn?" I know every yarn I have by heart.

Today I've been watching (in between laundry and drying mint and knitting) Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Hilarious old Tony Randall movie from the 50's. These types of movies always remind me of my mom. We used to sit and watch these oldies (but grandies!) any time we could. Normally while we were cleaning on a Saturday or on rainy days while she would normally be working on paperwork or one of her projects on the couch. my favorites are still The Greatest Show on Earth and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Well those are my favorites that don't involve Rock Hudson and Doris Day, that is. I think it's the music numbers that hook me. Such a grand and glorious time. Oh and the clothes! I love them.

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