Saturday, August 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

Along with our busy Saturday Adam and I took to the back yard with Max to have a little photo shoot. I was organizing some old photos (on the computer) and Adam made mention of us not having done this in a while, so off we went! I even had a few moments to do a little editing of them this afternoon while Adam entertained Max. It so fun and so nice to have a whole completed project.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ok, so it was more than a "few" but considering I took 271 pictures off the camera, edited them down to 76 and only posted 14 here for you, I'm considering it a "few."


Amber said...

LOVE the Kipp family photos! Max is adorable and you and Adam aren't so bad either.
No need to keep it to a few for me, I will look at tons of Kipp pictures!
And, love the (Kansas) sunflower.

Laura said...

I had to steal a few to put into our photo album :)

I think when Max grows up and looks through these pictures he's going to think, "I must have been a model for Baby Gap when I was little, and these were my portfolio."

Mark said...

That's what I call a wonderful blog! So adorable Max is changing from day to day.

Love Grammie and Grandpa.