Monday, August 3, 2009

Catching Up

(Lilies and wildflowers from my back yard)

After a couple of weeks of craziness, we've been catching up. On sleep, on reading, on crafting. Oh yes, I've been trying to get this long list of projects I've wanted to complete out of my head, on to paper, and into reality. I want to share some of the VBS craftiness with you too.



VBS involved lots of tracing overheads and murals, and making it appear and indoor building was a campground. I love themes and a challenge. But I am not a camper. We don't own a tent, fishing pole, or lantern. We do own a cooler. But only because it was given to us.

See that fire near Adam (S Lee Pman was his character's name)? It was built by our friend Josh for me and there was a fan underneath to fan the crepe paper "flames." Also featured in this picture is the second year of the VBS band. The kids love them.

Here is the stage for VBS for this year.

Max's Room
I still hadn't hung anything up in Max's room. Except the quilt hanger stars where it took me quite a while to measure, do math (ugh!), and get them all in the right place in the paneling (I had only one shot because the drill splinters the wood). I think that was so stressful that I needed a break, well that and I couldn't decide what exactly to do. And even once I did, it evolved as I completed the project. Here's the result.

Now someday we're planning on having more kids, then what will I do if they don't have a three letter name or nickname? I'll probably do initials or butterflies or flowers if it's a girl. Because someday I will have a girl.

Here's how I did it for those of you who are interested.

I found cheap canvases at Big Lots for three dollars a piece. They are 11x14 and thin instead of being stretched canvases on a frame. That seemed like it would work better for me.

I painted them the living room color (Max's room color is 50% the depth of the living room and also has the living room color along the top border of his room, you can hardly tell the difference though). I did only one coat, I wanted them to look a little rustic (his furniture is that way with rubbings and things so I wasn't particular) and so it didn't really matter if something wasn't completely covered. I then just took an 8x11 scrapbook paper and modge podged it to the canvas after it was dry. I eye balled the placement, and again didn't care if something was just a little off or didn't stick all the way.

The letters are literally just printed at 75pt font on regular paper and cut out. Originally they were just going to be templates, I was going to cut the letters out of the patterned paper, but then decided to leave the paper in tact and put them on top. I think they turned out much better. Again I just modge podged them on. The M is a little crooked if you look closely, but oh well.

I wasn't satisfied with it after this, so I decided to "age" it a little. I took black acrylic paint and watered it down and took a rage and "ragged" bits of the paint here and there, especially around the edges of the canvas. It really helped to make the canvas stand out (since it's pretty close to the wall color). Once I wiped it on, I wiped it back off with the rag (I'd made it damp before starting the whole thing).

Voila! I'm so happy to have something on his walls, it makes me want to put up the rest of the things in his room.


Of course through everything I've been crocheting and knitting . Of course I have. Last night I finished this hat that was mailed far away today (along with a box of other goodies).

Then today I started two new projects (along with a trip to Hobby Lobby to get more yarn). One is a new VVS baby blankie for some lucky baby some day. It's mostly blues and browns and will have a touch of green and orange.

He's been getting new teeth these past few weeks. Finally they've broken through, I'm looking forward to getting my sleeping happy rambunctious boy back.

He did find out Ohio State flag that I used to hang in my classroom. He was cracking me up with it.


Laura said...

The "MAX" project = awesomeness! Love all of the crafty projects.

Anonymous said...

SO much fun!! Thanks for sharing some of the VBS adventures!! Great job!! Max is a very lucky guy to have such a creative mom!!Grammy

Heidi Fox said...

Are you Martha Stewart in disguise? You do such awesome crafts. I like to do crafts too, but you put me to shame. I hope VBS was a success too!! Tyler is sleeping, but he says hi anyway.