Saturday, August 15, 2009

A weekend in photos

We've had a busy weekend-

Friday, we went to a fish fry with friends at a local sportsman club. We ate, had great conversation, and took a walk around the lake.

Max also decided the best place to read is right in this little wagon of his.

This morning we checked out another Farmer's Market (thanks Heidi for the suggestion!) and though we didn't purchase anything, I want to go back again. It was so much fun!

We then walked around Bradley University campus and had lunch, on the way back we were trying to keep Max awake so that he could take his nap when he got home. He was so sleepy, we kept singing songs and tickling him. By the end he would just keep his eyes closed and talk to us or laugh at us, it was so darn cute!

This weekend is also the Washington Arts Festival. We arranged to meet a couple from church there to walk around together and grab dinner, but we didn't know they closed all the booths for the day at 5pm. We were too late! Max and I will just have to venture up there tomorrow afternoon while Adam's playing softball. But they did still have live entertainment and so after dinner we let Max run around the square and entertain everyone with his dancing and spinning.

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Heidi said...

Hope you ate someplace good while you were near BU. There can be some really good and some very highly questionable places around there!