Thursday, August 6, 2009


I don't talk a lot about church on here. There's multiple reasons for that. Being "in the ministry" has it's good things and bad. I don't wish to share the bad, but mostly, if I was going to write about something it would be the bad. Also, I know people from church read this blog and really, it's just not cool to talk about them :-). But I wanted to share with you a series my dear husband has started, because really this week I can't stop thinking about it.

Each week he is talking about pillars of the faith and this first week it was about worship. It was a great reminder that worship is not just singing 3-5 songs, it is about connecting with God. It's not about a "style," it's about an attitude of reverence and connection. I needed that. You see, I have definite opinions on how worship (singing) should go. I know what makes me feel connected and "in tune" with God. I'm pretty liberal, rock n roll, contemporary, when it comes to my "style." I don't tend to get that at our small conservative church. But this week's sermon helped me to realize that my connection shouldn't depend on my "style," it depends on my attitude and my willingness to connect with God.

I encourage you to listen- clicking the icon below will take you to our website where you can listen to this past weeks (and other previous) sermons. (Can I also suggest the previous two weeks (on video, they will play automatically) from our family Sundays?)

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Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you for sharing!!! We will enjoy!!! Have an awesome day! Mom