Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lavender- Oh I love Lavender

Lavender is my favorite scent. Basil and clean cotton are right up there, but there's something about lavender that makes me so happy.

So imagine my sheer joy last week when I won my sister in law's contest on her blog for culinary lavender (they went to a real life Lavender Farm!) and I received it the other day. I put it in the kitchen and smelled the little package each time I walked by.

Today I made one of the recipes she included with the packet, it was this recipe for Honey Lavender Biscotti. It really is delicious. I cut some time off the recipe on both bakings, only 20 minutes for the first one and 10 for the second. I also used just a smidge of orange juice instead of zest because I didn't have an orange. It's so good, I just had a couple of pieces dipped in warmed up vanilla coffee from this morning. The biscotti good, the coffee not so much. Max even loved it (dipped in the coffee). Have we talked about how my son loves coffee already? Of course I don't let him really have it, but oh goodness. Already?

(Max signing please asking for more)
I can't wait to try the other recipe Laura sent for Cottage Cheese Herb Bread using some more of the lavender this weekend for when family's in town. YUM!

We are having a serious obsession in our house with Mickey Mouse (affectionately called Hot Dog). The stuffed version is being carried around day and night, the scrap book I'm working on has lovely little finger prints because of it's Disney nature, Tigger (from Pooh) is getting called Hot Dog also because of his likeness to Pluto as far as I can figure, and if the tv is on Max constantly points at it, says "Hot Dog" and signs please, repeat that 4000 times a day and that's what my day is like. Sometimes if the tv is not on, he'll turn it on and repeat the same. I'm so glad he loves something I can at least tolerate. you kno, it's not the wiggles, it's educational, and Disney is something Adam and I both have a love for. And at least it's not the Disney Princesses.


Heidi said...

Elin wants to know what's wrong with princesses?

Laura said...

Max loves coffee, and Ella loves tea. When they get together they can sip and talk cartoons!