Monday, March 5, 2007

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... (a very loud, never ending scream of pain)

Ever been glad it's Monday so that you can escape the clutches of the weekend? Well I am, except that the clutches continue to hold my heart and this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Just a regular tune up
Adam and I took our trusty Saturn (the one he's drove all through college and the sole car we've been driving here) to get an oil change on Saturday morning. First of all, I was grumpy because Saturdays are the only day I get to sleep in (I usually work the 1-10 shift at PBK on Saturdays). So we took it in and I was busily crochetting away for two hours when they come to tell us that something is horribly wrong with our car. We've told it over and over, but at the risk of sounding like I know nothing about cars, there is something wrong with our engine and potentially with our transmission. So essientially, a regular occurance of $40 ended up to be a $5000 bill.
Buick, Boat, it's all the same
So once we found out this information, the dealership told us it was unsafe to drive our car. So Enterprise picked us up (just like the slogan says) and got us a rental. The only car they had available was a Buick Lucerne. Yeah if you've never seen one, it's a boat. I've driven minivans and things before but this feels larger. It's pretty amusing to watch me park. So we've been driving around a Buick, and we're on our way to church yesterday when I look down at all the amazing gadgets to find out that the check engine light is on! What? Are you kidding me? This is the exact reason that we are in a rental car. Stupid engines. I hate them all. Adam told me he was going to get me a bike.
I need an answer
Adam and I are clueless about cars. Literally clueless. So we've annoyingly questioned every person who may have anything to do with cars about what we should be doing. Luckily we have some pretty awesome friends. We have a friend who "knows a guy" (I've always wished I was cool enough to "know a guy") and both of them have been really helpful. And dear Aaron has helped Adam out tremendously even calling the dealership for us to get a clear answer. Oh the games we play in a fallen world.
I'm here at work calling the insurance company to find out if out rental coverage covers the rental we currently have with the check engine light on. And calling the rental company to find out if we are in fact safe to drive this car we currently have in our possession. The guy at the rental car laughed when I told him the light came on and told him that was the exact reason we had a rental in the first place. I don't think he understood my frustration. I'm also researching the price of cars that won't have a price tag to send my husband into an early grave. His Kipp Frugal Mode is trying to kick in amongst the frantic sheer terror of not actually having a car at all.
Funny Car Story
Adam: Oh and Aaron said to get a Honda or Nissan (which are the Accent and Versa) so I guess we are no longer going to be Saturn people
Me: Accent is Hyundai
Honda would be Civic
Adam: Oh crap! I always get those mixed up. Well then let's get a Versa if we like it
Me: That's why I was letting you know
Nissan is Versa though so good going on that one
Pray for us in this situation. As seminary students most of our money goes straight to housing food and books. Although we have been so blessed to have not had a car payment, it is soon to change, on top of us not having been offered very much at all to trade in our current car. Pray that we would have wisdom in using our money and that the people we deal with would be honest.

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