Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Things for the Day

Insurance Weight
Today I was scheduled to take my limited lines insurance test next week. The only reason I mention it is, that the process was partially humiliating. My boss's boss is not the most conversational of people. He's a nice, upstanding guy who I really don't mind working for, but I think in the 6 months I've worked here our conversations have consisted of Hello, how are you? kinds of things. Today, the man had to ask me everything down to my weight. My husband doesn't even know how much I weigh, so now I have to tell this man my weight, and not in the DMV kind of style where I never have to see this person again, but in the I see you 25 times a day and now you know how much I weigh kind of thing. Don't worry, I resisted any off color jokes about how he should at least take me out to dinner and buy me wine before asking these types of questions and I just reverted to answering them honestly (I swear, honestly) and will now proceed to avoid eye contact for the rest of the time I work here. I think its a great solution.
This weekend
Adam surprised me a while ago (when I was probably having a rough week) with a weekend getaway to Family Life's A Weekend to Remember conference. Well this was a long time ago but the weekend is finally coming up. We will stay at the Gaylord Texan for a weekend and I will not have to work for two whole days, and get to spend it with my husband.

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