Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise

Before I start on the never ending post of my weekend.... Horray so far for Ohio pulling out the basketball win in double over time on Saturday.... make me proud Buckeyes.

This weekend I went to Ohio to "surprise" my Andi Leigh at her bridal shower. So of course I couldn't post about all this until after the weekend had come to fruition. So this shall be a long discourse on everything that happened leading up to this (and may actually take a few posts, but I want to get it all down before I lose some of the funny things from memory).

Back Story
The whole idea started way back last year, you see Andi and I have a habit of surprising each other in different places. She surprised me for a weekend in Columbus from Denver and then again in Dallas when I moved there. I surprised her for her graduation in Denver from Dallas, and then this weekend was going to be the ultimate, surprising her at her bridal shower flying from Dallas to Columbus.

But things were a little fishy.... I kept getting text messages that ended with "see you soon". Yeah, she knew. That sucked. But, none the less we had a wonderful weekend and I had a wonderful time hanging out with her.

Getting there
I flew in Friday afternoon and my mommy picked me up from the airport. What do I love to do when I'm in C-bus? I love to eat! So, I told Mom that I was starving and we should go eat Skyline. Horray for Skyline! I got my four way with onions... If you've never had Skyline, it's the best chili in the world. I took this picture to make Adam jeally (see Erin, I used it).

Then I took the second one to make him laugh...

After that, Mom and I went for me to try on Kara's choices of bridesmaid dresses... I won't bother you with those pictures, though Mom trying to figure out how to use my camera ended with some funny pictures.

After hanging out with the in-laws for a while, I got to see my Jessica. She politely cut my mullet off (yes it turns out I had a mullet) and then we went to Starbucks to hang out. Talking about life with her makes everything seem better and leaving her breaks my heart everytime. I have not cried so hard in a long time when I had to get out of her car. So I called Adam to cry some more, and he promised that this summer he would fly her down to visit us. Yeah! I can't wait. She's so dear to me and one of the kindest people I've ever met. I call her my spiritual soulmate, our hearts know how to talk to each other.

The Big Surprise/Letdown
So the next morning we have everything planned. Barb is going to drive me out to get my dress fitted where while I have my beautiful dress on Andi will walk in thinking she's getting a fitting but see me instead and shed copious amounts of tears and shout many shouts of joy. So I'm in my dress and I hear Andi talking to Agi in the next room and the door opens, and she says..... "hey, how are you?" Really?!? hey how are you? are you kidding me?!? Where are the tears? the shouts of joy? Nothing.... Then she laughed, ran across the room, and hugged me.... Silly Momma (Paula) had spilled the beans months ago and didn't even realize it.

Crazy Day
So the shower itself wasn't until 2pm, so we spent the rest of the morning running around with errands (mostly at JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart). But we had a great time doing it... Erin and I kept ourselves busy laughing about things while the moms and Andi did most of the work. What are sissies for except to make you laugh?

But we did get Andi to act a little goofy!

We stopped by Chipotle for lunch before the shower, where Corey joined us for a few moments. His face says to me, "I can't believe I'm joining this family...." I can't either Corey, good luck with all those crazy women.

We had a great time at the shower, all of Andi's gifts were lovely, the food tasty, and the company and guests were the highlight (for me anyway). I love all the women who were there, it was fun to see people who I hadn't seen since the summer and some in years. Erin and I tied during the game where everyone finds out who knows Andi best, which was pretty good since we only cheated off each other a little.

After the shower was over, it was time for the real party to start. The girls decided they would go ahead and finish all the favors for the table which really consisted on tying a ribbon the top of a beautfiul bookmark. Really easy right? Nope! We were up until 2:30 in the morning and couldn't feel our fingers by the end of the evening. But the sangria, fondu, pizza, and jokes were great. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, especially at poor Miss Erin, whose problem with spelling Tupperware, Tubberware, has earned her the nickname Mrs. Tubby.

After we finally finished the bookmarks (which I wouldn't mind if I never saw again, as lovely as they are). Andi and I thought it would be a fine idea if we slept in the twin bed together, just like we did in high school. Let me remind you, that I'm no longer in high school.... I didn't seem to remember that at the time, but boy the next day, my body really reminded me. I've pretty much never felt so old. My body hurt so bad. It didn't help that we stayed up until 5:30-6am chatting and giggling like little school girls as well. But I wouldn't change any of that for the world. It's a memory I hold really dear to my heart.

The next morning I woke up early enough to go to both services at East Side and was able to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen since we'd left during the summer. It's so great to be asked if we are coming back soon. I really wish we had an answer to that question. I even found Marty hanging out by the new nook built in the entry way and stopped him for a picture. I love our church here in Dallas, but East Side is where I became a Christian, learned about true worship, and grew up in my faith. I love the people and atmosphere and meaning it has.

After an afternoon with my wonderful in-laws and a quick dinner (if you call cheese fries dinner) with Andi at the airport, I flew home to a wonderful and lonely husband and was greeted with flowers and a spotless house. What more could a girl ask for (besides a really long sleep)? I know, Donato's Pizza (good thing I packed a pizza in my checked baggage). So we ate the best pizza in the world, talked a little, and then I fell straight asleep.

Andi Leigh & Cara Beth

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