Friday, March 23, 2007

Horray for fun things

Things I love right now...

Actually feeling like I know how to do my jobs (instead of being the new girl).
Secretly reading Cosmo... I love trashy airplane magazines. oooo Glamour too.
Drinking high quality tea. Life's too short for bad tea. (Drinking right now- Harney and Sons Citron Green Tea)
Knowing I don't get to sleep in my own bed tonight, but still get to sleep with my husband.
On a similar note, not having to see my dirty/messy apartment for two days.
That my mommy is coming to town for Easter.
Ohio State pulling it out in the last minutes of the game. (the guy who sits next to me at work went to Tennessee)
When I'm in the middle of a good book.
Crochetting! I've spent some time this morning looking up patterns for really cute stuff.
Feeling like the day is flying by and you are being productive.
My pretty new car.
Have a happy weekend!

1 comment:

kristi c said...

good to catch up on you!

i am excited for your weekend at the bastion of texas excess-the gaylord texan. i am sure that hotel is the image my grandmother conjures up everytime someone mentions texas. what a fun little retreat.

we will be there to see you in just 6 weeks! can't wait. i saw your chipotle reference and i am too excited for a burrito bowl. michael has already put in a word for chuys so put that on the list.

i can't wait to catch up in person..until then blog away!