Wednesday, March 19, 2008

32 weeks

I have a doctor's appointment today, so we'll see how the baby is growing. I think he's doing well. At least his butt is getting huge. I know because he likes to lodge it up against my right ribcage and lung everytime I try to do trivial things like sleep, and breathe. Then he just rolls around and around like he can't get comfortable. Me too kid! I wish I could get comfortable too.

My swelling goes down for the most part at night but comes back by the evening, especially when I try to walk- like at the grocery store. That was surely a disaster. Well be mentioning this to the doctor today. And yes, I've been drinking my water and not been eating things with high sodium.

But I did get extreme joy yesterday when somone asked how far along I was and I got to say 8months. Horray! We're almost there.

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Laura said...

Can't wait to here the report!