Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This post has had to wait a few days because I've had too much to say and didn't know where to begin. But I need to post now before this weekend when I'll have even more to say and then I'll be doomed forever to not be able to put it into words.

Weekend with Dad and Grandma
This weekend Adam's Dad and Grandma came down to visit for Easter. We had a wonderful time with them and did a lot of fun things.

On Friday we ate lunch at Texas de Brazil and then spent the afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum for Dallas Blooms. This was perfect because I love looking at all the pretty flowers and Grandma is an avid (and wonderful) gardener. It was super crowded since it was Good Friday, but we enjoyed walking around and enjoying the flowers and the sunshine.

On Saturday we rode the West End Trolley and enjoyed looking at the city from a different view (I did a lot of "Oh! I didn't know that was there!" because I am always driving while we go through town). Again the weather was wonderful and we had dinner at Rockfish Grill at Mockingbird Station.

On Easter we went to Stonebriar Community Church to hear Chuck Swindoll in person. I always love going up to hear him. I also made Easter dinner (with the help of friends who brought delicious food) for our small group so that Grandma and Dad could meet some of our wonderful friends.
We had a great time and hope that they did as well.

Job Searching
We are still in the searching process of a job. Those of you close into the loop know our situation, but for those of you a little further out, we are trying to search for God's will and where he would have us in the near future. We are planning on moving around July 4th to a new location- we just don't know where that is yet. Pastor searching is a lot different than secular job hunting- A LOT more goes into the logistics and many, many people have to be on the same page and have the same vision. Let's just say that when we are through with this, we had better be there for quite a while.

I have been working away at my little crochet in an effort to bust up some of this quite large yarn stash. I've finished another little baby afghan and are working on some small gifts for friends. You should see the result of those soon but here is the Beth's Little Star Afghan I completed on Easter. I was trying to use up the blue yarn that was given to me (you can also see it used in the VVS blanket), and I had barely enough blue to finish.

I also made Bridal Shower invitations for my friend Joanna's Bridal Shower. She's getting married in Wisconsin the week after our baby is due, so the least I could do is throw her a shower.

He's getting really big and has been particularly active in the past few days. I think he's trying (unsuccessfully) to find a comfortable position. He's apparently the size of a Honeydew Melon. Yum! I missed the 50 day mark until my due date and am now down to 46 days left.

When Grandma and Dad came down, they came bearing gifts. Mostly for the little child, but I did receive some delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Adam did get a trip to Half Priced Books and a wonderful graduation present made by his Aunt Kim (I haven't been able to photograph it well enough yet). Mom sent some outfits (all scarlet and grey!) and some treasures that were saved from Adam's childhood- Cowboy boots (fitting for our little Texan) and the quilt that Adam's Mamaw had made for him when he was a baby (maybe even before he was born?). These are pictures of some of the embroidery from the quilt.

Grandma came bearing gifts from her and the aunts and they were perfectly wonderful (and so soft and cute and sweet). I especially loved this poorly photographed but beautiful little bonnet made from a vintage hankerchief.

Pretty Flowers
I enjoyed taking pictures of at the Arboretum and showing off my lack of flower knowledge (Is that a Daffodil? Nope it's a Narcissus.)Here are some more pretty pictures we took.

I've been fighting a cold, and I can't really afford to get sick at this critical point in the spring, life, process of searching for jobs, traveling, visitors, etc. I slept 15 hours last night and hope that it was able to combat most of it. Pray for me, I just don't want another sinus infection.

Coming up in the near future

Dad and Grandma left yesterday morning, leaving just enough turn around time to get the house clean and laundry done for the Moms to come in Thursday for my baby shower! They will be here until Monday which leaves enough time for laundry to yet again get finished before we leave before we travel again with a little side overnight stay at Ryan and Laura's in Tampa. Then the baby can come. He has to stay put until then though. :)

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Laura said...

Thanks for all of those fun pictures! What the heck is that flower that looks like a daisy but has twisty petals, that is really cool. Love the crafts too! Glad the visit went well (sounds like you got some good meals too!).