Monday, March 31, 2008

Heartfelt Thank Yous

I had the loveliest weekend. Thank you to all of you who were a part of it. A feeling of calm has descended over me now that I know I am as prepared as I can be for the crazy ride I'm about to get on called motherhood. I had a blast this weekend.

Hurray for Moms!
My moms were incredible. They did everything I could dream of and more. We now are babyfied and ready. Well all except that looming hospital bag that still needs to be packed. Oh man, now that I've thought of it, I feel like I need to pack it RIGHT NOW!

For now the Pack n Play is being used as storage on top

and below

All my craft stuff was packed up to make way for Baby Central- Changing Station

Baby Central- Clothing Station (by the way we ended up with four drawers of clothes)

We did countless hours of shopping, cleaning, organizing, me bossing them around, cooking, boxing up, discussing lists, funny birth stories, belly pats, hearing "put your feet up," and love and hugs. I loved every minute of it.

They made sure that I am ready for Mr. Mister and that I have just about everything I need for his arrival, besides more sleep in my sleepbank.

Showering Babies (in more ways than one)
My baby shower was on Saturday and it was more than I could have ever asked for. My Darby friend did such a wonderful job to make it so very personal to me and Adam and our future child. The theming was excellent.

One Fish, Two Fish, Goldfish

The Stinky Cheese Man Cheese

We had a book theme and the invitations, food, and decorations all fit so well. Knowing that I'm not a huge fan of party games, the only game we played was name Baby Kipp. Each guest entered a first and middle name into a drawing and then I got to randomly draw names from the container. Our official new nickname for Mr. Mister is Pistachio Bear Kipp. We've been calling him Pissy Kippy for short around here.

Loving themes as I do, I enjoyed my themed presents as well. Tina had a Midwestern themed present, Darby had a literary bath theme going on, and Joanna and Gilbe had the best poop themed present I've ever seen. Thanks girls!

Joanna and Gilbe. What would I do without inappropriate friends?

A handmade sweater by Auntie Laura

Lastly, in the past week we've had pregnancy announcements of every kind! From the exciting to surprising to MIRACULOUS! I am so excited for all of these three babies to be born in October and November. God is so good to those who are patient in His timing.

I love this picture of me and Miss Kate

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Laura said...

Darby is so clever...what a great theme! Looked like lots of fun!