Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Babies Sandwiched with Friends

This past weekend was a blast for me. It was full and satisfying and I'm utterly exhausted two days later still, with the anticipation of a very different (but hopefully fun) weekend on the horizon for this weekend.

Saturday we had our all day childbirth class. It was very informative and I discovered that I probably read too much. I can't remember learning anything new, but for the first time I saw a cesarean. I will always only have one of those as a last resort. No thank you that does not look very nice.
It also made me re-evaluate my feelings on medicated vs. natural childbirth. I'm still out on some of that but it's worth looking into a little bit further. Adam apparently learned quite a bit because he spent the rest of the weekend quoting snippets to me as I was "doing things I'm not supposed to" and had already blocked out the video of the actual birth from his memory.

Also on Saturday I received an email from a long time friend who was stranded in Texas because of the "Big Ohio Blizzard of '08." She was able to get a flight to Dallas from Lubbock and asked to stay the day and night with us until she could get a flight back to Columbus. I love visitors! Of course, I wanted Esther to come. We hadn't seen each other in at least 5 years and had been great friends in high school. We were orchestra geeks together and she was one of the first "real" Christians I ever knew. Of course we slipped apart during college but thanks to the wonders of myspace had passed a few emails and such back and forth over the last two years. It was such a joy to catch up, see how God had worked in our lives, and reminisce.

Adam had mentioned a couple of time not really knowing how to handle a new newborn. He's perfectly fine with toddlers and even infants who can at least hold their heads up, it's just the tiny ones he's afraid of. So, I decided to surprise him with his own Infant Care Class of my own making. It was fun for me to pull out skills I hadn't used really in years and then teach them to Adam. That way he also knows how to do things the way I like them done. :)
Adam changing a "bear"-y dirty diaper.
"Look! I dressed the baby!"
Learning to swaddle the baby seemed to be the hardest- but he got the hang of it.


Esther said...

Yay! I'm on a blog! It was a big treat to get to see you too!

Laura said...

Don't worry Adam...if Ryan could handle a little 6 lb baby, you can do it too! I can't wait to see what you decide about natural vs. drugs for the birth...I wanted to do natural in my heart, but my head said, "no, you aren't good with pain," and good thing I listened to my head. I had to BEG for 4 more doses of epidural during the hours of pushing. I 'heart' epidurals!!!