Monday, March 3, 2008

This weekend

This weekend was full of interesting things.

I was super productive in finishing off some crafty projects (the ones in the post from Saturday and some others).

My little niece Ella started crawling (thanks Laura for posting the video, I'm so glad I got to see it).

I can no longer reach my toenails to paint them, and boy did they need painted. So my caring husband Adam volunteered as long as he could pick out the color. He chose a seafoam green because apparently it does not look like fungus and matches all of my outfits. Really? Seafoam green? Beggars can't be choosers.

I never thought I would post my feet on the internet by the way. Gross!

I probably worked my last shift at Pottery Barn Kids this weekend. Considering I'm on my hiney for 10 hours a day at my other job, 5 hours on my feet is a killer while I'm there. But I made it through and felt better about myself knowing I could still do it. I may work possibly once more in April if I can, so I can keep my discount until then. :)

We had a lovely dinner on Friday night with the Kooglers. As time nears for the boys to graduate it was nice to hang out just the four (six!) of us (they were our first "friends" here in Dallas and we've spent many a Friday and Saturday night at one another's apartments). It felt really good to sit around and just hang out with them and care for one another in a way that only old friends can.

On the flip side we also hung out after small group with newer friends Toby and Joanna who are engaged to be married right around our baby's birthday. It's so fun to also watch the beginning of new relationships (friendships and marriages), they are so excited for the future and it's fun to watch them adjust to each other as they near that time.

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Darby said...

Thank you for the lovely company. I feel honored that you mentioned us! Does that mean I get an honorable mention?--SMILE!