Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Kipp Update

Can you see his cute little face? I hope you can. He's got chubby cheeks and a big forhead like his daddy.
He was also protecting his boy parts the whole visit making the doctor and us laugh. He is already in the head down position to make his entrance into the world in a few short weeks and I'm kinda hoping he stays there. But that also means his feet are in my ribs and pressing on my stomach sometimes. But all in all that's so much better than the pain in my hip and leg I was feeling. At least I can sleep at night with my friend, Tums.
The doctor also said I should be healthy to travel for the next few weeks (of course that is still up for discussion as each of the times draw near).

We had a pretty fun weekend- it was super busy and filled with surprises- but it deserves a blog post of its own when I remember to bring the camera to work (tomorrow).
Crafting: working on two crochet projects and didn't finish a single thing this weekend. Oops.

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Laura said...

Glad your doc appt went well...he does look super cute!