Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 14- Max's Room

Adam and his dad did make it through to Max's room also- it's looking good but needs some more paint.

Max's room, we should technically call it the nursery because someday it will house more Kipps, will be what used to be an office. We chose this room because it is on the first floor (as is the master bedroom). It is off the dining room across the house from the master bedroom though. It's in an interesting spot, but will be very functional for a nursery and will make the absolute best craft room when it's done with the nursery phase. It has two closets, a built in desk and cabinets above it for storage. It's awesome.

We decided we loved the living room color so much that we would paint the nursery that color too, but at 50% the hue. It looks almost the same, but a tad lighter and we really like it.

We also decided that we would leave the doors off one of the closets and that the changing table/dresser would be perfect in this spot (thanks for the inspiration Amber, as I was thinking of your cute closet for Ben the whole time). So it's being painted in the trim color to make it brighter in the small space.

We've already got most the stuff for Max's room waiting in boxes to be unpacked. It is of course rockets/robots/retro space as it always was, but I love the blue we decided on because it can also be feminine if you just add pink or purple to it and it coordinates with the bedding we already have for a boy.

The guys ripped up so much carpeting we can't fit all of it into the dumpster, but in Max's room there was half linoleum and half carpeting that they pulled up. We'll be using FLOR tiles in that room since it will be occupied by little ones and crafts. They are awesome modular tiles that can be replaced easily, perfect for the use of that space.

Here are some pictures of that space-

Paneling of course!

Dark picture of the two closets (we're leaving the doors off the left one which can been seen from the doorway)

Wonderful storage and desk

Painting - you can see the color and the cabinets where the doors need to go back up

Adam putting a coat in the closet (pun intended)

The strong boys pulling up carpet (it had been glued down)


Laura said...

Cute room!

Amber said...

Ah, I got mentioned in Cara's blog - what greater honor can there be????
When my mom and sis came to visit in the summer, they painted multiple rooms in our house. Isn't the free help so great? However, my mom has already told me that she refuses to paint when she comes for Ben's birth :)