Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Day!

Max and I stayed home from church today, he's been teething again and it's resulted in a super runny nose. As much as I wanted to drop him off for two hours in the nursery to get away from his whining, I thought I'd do the responsible thing and stay home with him. We still went to lunch with a couple families from church and it was great. There's normally three families that eat together and today we had five. It was great fellowship for me since I'd missed out on the fellowship I depend on during the morning.

So during church I Shredded while Max napped. It was nice to do today. I'm actually enjoying it. Really enjoying it. Still can't do all of it, but enjoying it.

We had a Super Bowl party tonight for the youth group. One of the kids asked if I Shredded. I said yeah and that I was totally addicted to it. And then I figured out that he meant something to do with the guitar. Ummm yeah, I'm that sad. I'm also old, Bruce Springsteen was cool in my lifetime, that makes me old. Apparently Glory Days is an oldie song.

This morning I endured a good 15 minutes of this


Laura said...

Uncle Ryan says the best part is how proud he looks!

Ella used to do that, and pull the rubber stopper off the end and put it in her mouth, so I had to hot glue them back on.

Stephanie said...

Please give him lots of kisses for me he is so cute I could eat him up.

Bethie said...


Kara said...

Too cute! Roscoe did that and chewed up all the plastic pieces so now we dont have any of those! Max is much cuter though! :) Love that smile!!!

Mark said...

So you are saying he has a longer attention span than his Dad? Obviously he was fully aware of the effect it had on his Mom.

laura said...

I love how he sits back up after each go. What a work out. :) So adorable.