Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is Max's 9 month birthday. I can hardly believe how fast and slow this time has gone. Now it seems like every weeks seems like a day, it's flying by so quickly.

I expect Max to be walking soon, he already pulls himself up and lets go. He thinks he's bigger than he is, he's growing much too fast for my tastes. But such a wonderful happy kid he is. Always smiling and exploring and making so much noise. What a rough and tumble boy he is.
Here's a little month by month break down (with a couple extras) of some of my favorite pictures of him. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great reflection!! Awesome pictures!!THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! Grammy

Amber said...

Ah, you know how I love picture collages. You did a fabulous job capturing his first 9 months. I wish I was there to see him.

Kara said...

Hard to believe he is 9 months! Also hard to believe how cute he is!