Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow is it Wednesday?

I'm still here folks, but this week has been a little crazy!

We took Max to the doctor on Monday. He has another ear infection :( poor little one. He has in the past taken these completely in stride, but this time he has been a bit of a bear when I want him to sleep. He's been up multiple times for the past few nights and I'm exhausted! This morning I even fell asleep on the couch while I definitely should have been paying attention to him. Luckily this afternoon he's been asleep for over two hours for his nap. It's been nice. And quiet. And productive for me. By productive, I mean I've kinda done some laundry, some pilates, kinda made half a list, and sort of read some blogs. I'm apparently too tired to finish any task that I begin.

I haven't completed any crafty things but I have a few that are almost done or part done or kinda done. Apparently I have finishing issues lately. Here are those projects in all their unfinished (but hopefully finished soon) glory.

Here is one completed fingerless mitt. These are super easy. I've altered the pattern from crochet me's basic fingerless mittens. The most difficult part was getting started, I think that's why I'm stalling starting the second one...

Next we have some bibs I've stitched up for Max. Considering he's gotten 5 teeth in one month we've been a bit overwhelmed with all the drool. They are from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. I just love that book and for everything I've made from there, I have never been disappointed.

Lastly here's a sneak peak at the newest baby afghan I've got going. It's green (the color is off in the picture, I can't wait for some good natural light) and I decided to just go with a basic ripple pattern, classic, but interesting.

I've still been doing 30 Day Shred, yesterday, I was amazed at my endurance and strength! I did completely take Monday off and today I did pilates again because my knee hurt a little (I think it bruised it yesterday in a "running around the house playing with Max" incident). But I have noticed that I feel much more energized after I do exercise instead of exhausted and am able to focus much more for the tasks I do afterward. It's helped me deal with the no sleeping at night thing.

The no sleep thing has also not been helped by the fact that I've been reading the Twilight Saga. I finished New Moon last night and Adam has banned me from starting Eclipse tonight because I need to sleep and have lots to do tomorrow. I don't know that I'd say they are the best written books I've ever read but they sure do make for a great and addictive story.

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jennifersusan said...

I love the gloves! I really do need to learn to knit. Glad you are enjoying the Twilight books- they really do make for addictive stories. :)