Saturday, February 21, 2009


Adam is working at the house this morning and I'll be working there this afternoon. Max is feeling better but not 100% so we are splitting baby duties for the day. I'm kind of excited to get out of the house (even though just to the other house). Adam is removing the elusive wallpaper on the ceiling of the staircase and a side wall up the staircase and I will be painting the last of Max's room (except some decorative painting I have yet to decide on) and hopefully putting it back together (doors back on the cabinets and things)

House design
I'm loving this quiz found from howaboutorange. The quiz shows your design style based on how you rate rooms. I'm 37% Modern Elegance, 37% Nantucket Style and 26% Arts and Crafts. Hmmm interesting combination, but you know what? It's totally right.

Further adventures in cooking and using our ever present bread machine, lead me to making homemade pizza dough last night. I figured I couldn't go wrong. I Googled "pizza dough bread machine" and after some filtering came across this recipe and thought, "Best ever pizza crust! Perfect!" And let's be honest, in my book, anything with garlic in it is a go.

I was sneaky and substituted half natural whole wheat flour with the white all purpose. I knew it would change the texture, but figured I'd go ahead.

It was the most delicious homemade pizza we've ever made.

Adam mentioned trying making one of the pizzas in a skillet instead of just on a cookie sheet, I indulged him and it was good too!

I had mushroom, spinach, and salami on mine and Adam went for just plain ol' pepperoni and cheese.

Max liked the pizza too.


Max finally woke up this morning without a fever! He had only a slight one later this morning. And he slept consistently from 12 midnight to 6:45 this morning, without once waking up! I told Adam last night that I think Max waking up when he is sick is especially difficult because I'm not used to it, if he was more constant about waking up, I don't know that it would be as hard. Hopefully we're over the worst of it, and hopefully if it was a virus, Adam and I don't catch it.

This morning we woke up to a few inches of snow and Max wanted to just stand on the couch and watch it all blow around in the wind. He did that for almost a half hour.


Jason Paragon said...

the pizza looks wonderful! love and hugs, amy

Amber said...

Such a sweet mommy and baby picture!

Heidi said...

I guess we probably shouldn't decorate together--I'm 38% Classic, 38% Wine Country and 24% Arts and Crafts. Fun quiz though!
Missed you today!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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