Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We're getting better around here. If only the Max not sleeping well thing would fix itself we'd be back to normal. I don't do well without my sleep. His appetite seems to be returning today, and that was my big worry he's lost a pound over the last week or so. But we did get out to go to Walmart and the yarn shop today. I'm more than half done with a spring sweater for Max and because he's so long in the torso I need to alter the pattern to make it fit well on him, and that meant more yarn. I'm using a cotton/nylon mix and I think it will be perfect for this sweater and still be durable and washable for this little guy.

I'm working on a TO DO list for the new house as we'll have lots of visitors over the next two weeks to knock out projects. Gosh that list is long. I'm going to print it and post it at the house, so I don't have to remember every little thing that needs done because I never know how long I'm there with the little guy. I'll probably have to walk through the house though to make sure everything's on the list that needs to be, and then I'm guaranteed to miss something too.

Adam and our good friend John started laying the wood laminate flooring in the dining room on Monday! I can't wait for that, once that is up the wainscoting can go up and then the light fixture needs changed and that room is DONE! I can make that little check sound as I mark off another room. Yeah!

In the next week (or so) I'll be goin through the box room and all the boxes and boxes of stuff that we've had packed for 9 months and some more that we've had packed for years to figure out what to do with it. I think I might be surprised at what I find in there... Oh wait, I know what it mostly is... my guess is 2 out of 3 boxes are books.

I'm almost finished reading the Twilight series, I have about a quarter of the fourth book left. Twenty minutes of me reading turns into two hours every time...

Sorry no pictures this time around, but my camera is almost full so I need to go through that. Next time, I promise.

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