Friday, April 24, 2009

Crafty Post

I've been designing a lot lately and making creative decisions but only some things are complete.

Here's a list of things I've been doing lately and some things in the works. In no particular order.

Easter Bunny Shirt- Freezer paper stencil

Jessie's Shawl- Finished finally

Baby Girl Blanket- Crocheted granny squares, I always think they'll go quicker than they do

Knitted summer scarf- uh still not done....

Appliqued Birthday Shirt- for Max's first birthday in a few weeks and also one for a birthday girl coming up soon

Some embroidery- it always looks so beautiful when it's done, I just don't always have the patience

Swatch portraits from "the purl bee"- I'll be using them as artwork for our guest bedroom

Curtains for the living room and the rest of the rooms- Adam's mom is making the ones for the living room after I picked out the fabric and everything. Now I just need to work on the 57,326 other curtains I need

We've moved postcards and "Help us move" postcards- designed and just need printing off

Max's birthday invite- printed and a stack waiting to go in the mail

House arrangement and finishing ideas for a speedy set up- I'll have diagrams waiting for moving day and boxes hopefully correctly labeled. Time to start measuring the furniture again

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