Monday, April 20, 2009

The Past Few Weeks....

It's been a strange past few weeks. Right now it's quiet and that makes me uncomfortable, because there's been a lot of noise lately and I've become accostomed to it. Always noise. Last night it was so quiet I couldn't sleep.

I've lots of adventures to talk about but I'm still on the road and lots of pictures to share, but more will be taken today. Max and I should get home tonight, it will be nice to have a routine that seems new because of the lack of one recently.

Promise will post Monday Menu Plan and jump back into Musical Monday. But probably won't post them until tomorrow.

I've also been a little crafty while on the road and for Easter, will post about that too.

And the house is continuing to be worked on and is actually coming to a close. There are a few things that need to be finished before the carpet is put in, which has been ordered, so many hours will be spent there in the next two weeks. I can't believe we'll be living there in a few weeks. Need to post an update on the things there.

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