Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Week
We stayed inside because of this:
And so we found there are lostof fun things in the house to amuse us.
Like this that has a million drawers to pull out and push in (with a few fingers stuck too)

And some blanket surfing around and around

And sticking our tongues out and making funny faces

This Week
But we're glad for this week because today there was this:

The neighbor across the street gave Max a tractor she had for their granddaughter, he loves to sit on it, but even more likes to push it.

We spent the afternoon outside while waiting on AAA to come unlock Grammy's van where she'd locked her keys. We had the new house and our car, but it was such a great day to be outside.

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Heidi said...

You should bring Max's John Deere to the 4th of July/Tyler's baptism party on the 11th. Nick and Scott got this crazy idea to have riding lawn mower races in our yard!! I know Max can beat them!!