Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday.... How long has it been?

I've been thankful quite often since the last time I've posted a Thankful Thursday, but things just seem to get out of hand here on Thursdays. It's normally the day I get things done. So I've noticed I don't often post on Thursdays at all. But today I'm taking a little rest during nap time, and was thinking about what I'm thankful for...

Today I'm thankful for the "right now"

Some bloggers I know do a "right now" segment where they tell you what's going on right now. Thought I would do that because sometimes I forget to be thankful for the "right now."

Right now I love....
Thow Max has been sleeping lately with his bum in the air

the tulips and lone daffodil I found blooming in my new backyard today

the bird's nest and eggs tucked in the wreath on our front porch

that my carpet is in and will be installed soon

that Max loves ice cream as much as his mommy does

iced pomegranate green tea

a full night's rest

these pictures from our trip to Ohio (Ok I love more than just these one's but I only have so much time to upload pictures)
playing in the sand box at Auntie's house
Kid, you have a Cheerio on your nose!

These faces! Super sweet cousin Ali and tough guy Max


Laura said...

Such cute pictures :)
And I second being thankful for a full nights sleep (when it happens).

Anonymous said...

Priceless!! THanks for sharing so joyfully!! Grammy

Valerie said...

I was wanting to do a Thankful Thursday today. It doesn't look like Grace Alone does it anymore. Was wanting to find a site that had a Mr. Linky set up for it.

It is good to be thankful in the "right now". I need to do that more often. Love your pics, especially Max's little bum in the air. lol