Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Miracle!

Ok so it's no really a miracle, but it's been a rough week around here, and this brightened my day....

I posted a while ago about our camera just dying... like while I was taking a picture, kaput.
We had a two year warranty on it, so we thought, "Finally! Someone will cash in on this!" (The warranty was free, that's why we had it, we never buy warranties on things.)

We bought a new battery to make sure it wasn't just ours giving out. Gave it a few days and would try it every now and then. Nothing.

We started to investigate our warranty with Gateway who we bought our Canon camera through. We called the Gateway number for warranties and tried online as well, you can't get into their system without a Gateway computer id number.... which we don't have.

Finally Adam gets through and talks to someone (obviously not in the US) who repeatedly keeps asking for our Gateway computer number, even after repeated attempts to tell him it's not a computer and a camera. He replies that they don't sell Gateway cameras (duh! It's a Canon).

A couple of times through this ringer and Adam is mad (he hates doing this sort of thing anyway) and decides to write a letter to Gateway (now owned by someone else) figuring the other ways are pointless and this is the only other option at ever getting a response.

We do get a response in the form of a phone call, with a lead on how to address a warranty. He's so excited he gets right on it. Only to find out that they only cover the warranties under the new company and would have look in files for our warranty which they promise to do and will get back to us. They do return the call and cannot find our warranty, and no there's nothing we can do about it, they don't even cover cameras anyway.

Needless to say, this was very frustrating. We just chalked it all up to another technology and customer service disaster.

So in the mean time we're discussing a new camera, this is a big deal for us because I take about a bazillion pictures a month so we need something that is durable. We are also picky about quality and know just enough about photography from high school to get us in trouble. We toss around the idea of getting the updated version of our Canon SD and then start talking serious cameras and getting a digital SLR. I would love an SLR but it's not really practical to throw in my bag and just go with. So we kinda decide that we'll call it Mother's Day, Father's Day and my Birthday present in order to justify the price tag.

In the mean time Adam's brother gets a new camera for his wife and they decide to lovingly send us their old one (a point and shoot) because that one is even better than our old one I have been using (it has a 5-10 second delay between pictures, not really conducive to taking pictures of kids). We get that in the mail two days ago (THANKS RYAN AND LAURA!).

I finally get the chance this morning to play around with it. I go to get the SD card out of the drawer where we've been storing all the camera parts and paperwork for this fiasco, and decide to try the old camera one more time (it's the obsessive part of me that can't let go). I put in a battery and try the switch, and..... IT WORKS! OMG, apparently it just needed an extended vacation, it didn't work for weeks, and now all of a sudden it works. What's the deal with that?

So in honor of the camera working again, here's our morning so far.

We went fishing

We played in the cabinet

Max is still feeling poorly, he has a terrible cough and a runny nose, just a cold I think, but it's no fun when he's wimpy and whiny. He's been a trooper though and a good sleeper at night for the most part. Naps are the hardest for him.

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Anonymous said...

Cute little guy even when he is under the weather!! The camera story is like the never ending story!! -The end result-cute pictures!!Grammy