Tuesday, January 12, 2010

17 weeks (post three and final one for the day)

I am a little over 17 weeks in this pregnancy. It's really funny that I'm almost half way finished because I feel that it really has flown on by. I know it's mostly because I have this other little one to keep me busy. But I kinda feel guilty that I don't get enough time to drink enough water, eat the best foods, rest, walk, etc. with this one like I tried to with Max. Even the other things like feeling the baby move haven't gotten the attention I feel like it should deserve. But then I remind myself that I already love this baby and at least have an idea of how much more that love grows that I've become so attached already.

Over vacation my niece Ella gave the baby it's nickname, we've been calling it the baby until now with a little joking calling it Chewbakqueena (if you watch 30 Rock you'll get that). But she's named it Peebo, and I think it's an appropriate name. To me it's sounds like a little people, so Peebo it is. :)

17 weeks taken in my cloudy old mirror.

And just for some good ol' entertainment and because I'm still in love with my new camera lens...

This is what Max has started to do when I tell him to smile for the camera sometimes, he thinks its so funny. I LOVE this picture and it may get blown up as an 8x10 to go in our house.

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The Kipps said...

I'm glad you have a sense of humor.
Did his Dad teach him that? We love you and miss you.
Grammy and Poppy