Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm pretty hands off when it comes to Max eating. We've reach the stage where he's pickier about what he eats and not quite to the stage where I can force him or bribe him to eat his vegetables. But all in all I've found he's the best eater when I just let him have at it. And it normally lets me get to eat my meal too instead of micromanaging his. Manners can be learned later. :) It can make for some interesting restaurant eating, but I tend to keep a tighter handle on him then, but what I really love is pasta night in our house, and pizza night.

At least he likes to clean up too!

And here's a little project I finished up this morning.

It still needs some buttons but it's so soft and will be a perfect weight for spring time in Kansas (where it's being sent).

I went to the doctor this morning and am just now at my original weight. But am still getting randomly sick anyway, so can't really track what's going on. Everything seems fine though and we'll have a sonogram in 3 weeks to find out what this crazy little baby is.

My class on Thursday night went well. It should be a piece of cake, there aren't many projects or papers, and it was nice to be in the classroom and not have to be the teacher. :) I'm looking forward to reading and studying later this week before the next class.


The Kipps said...

Yea pictures of Max. Glad peebo is doing well how are you coming with the boy names?

Amber said...

Ah, I love it!!! I didn't show Ben the picture yet though. He can be surprised when it get here. Thanks so much.