Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The rest of the vacation (post two for the day)

On day four of Disney we spent the morning packing up and had lunch at Sanaa, the Indian-African restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. They were very accommodating to our party's different food aversions and allergies and I think everyone enjoyed it even though it was different and the wild card for dining this time around. But I also think we were all ready to just leave too.

Adam, Max, and I spent the next three days in St Pete Beach at the Sirata hotel. We were disappointed in the weather and lack of beach time because of it. We were unprepared to entertain Max for long periods of time in our room and so the rest of our vacation was a wash according to us. Not as relaxing as we would have hoped. We learned a lot during this trip about traveling with a toddler. For instance, 3-4 days is a long enough vacation for all of us, a week is just too long.

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The Kipps said...

We wish we could have stayed and entertained Max for you.