Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in the saddle

Now that we've recovered from vacation around here, I've been needing something to keep my hands busy. Especially yesterday while waiting for phone calls and texts regarding a certain little baby girl who decided to make a very dramatic arrival. Now that Mama and baby are doing as well as possible, my hands have slowed to a less frantic pace, but nonetheless like to remain active.

Knit hat modeled by sock monkey for little Linleigh (matched shrug also made for her)

Speaking of babies, it made me realize it won't be long until I have two little new nephews to cuddle, and how behind I am on their little blankies. The knit one is killing me with its slow progress. Not gonna lie, that one will be a labor of love. I think I may start on the crocheted one to make some progress and come back to it.
knitted version of twin blankie

Adam is still birthday scarf-less, but it's coming along

And this is one of my favorite Christmas presents! Laura gave me a hank of hand spun yarn she completed on her drop spindle. It's called "Cara's Rose" and I just wish I knew if I needed to make a baby hat out of it for this little one or not. To complete it she also brought the drop spindle to Disney to give me a lesson, so I spun some roving myself. And discovered I'm definitely not patient enough for that.

And a little just for fun. Adam ran in the door last night from work telling me to grab my camera. Here's what I found.

Adam being attacked by a rogue icicle. It was floating on down a wire that goes across from our house to the electric pole in the alley.


Laura said...

Love seeing your pictures. Glad you are crafting and keeping your hands busy :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of love is shared with each stitch of your crafting projects!!So special!!Mom