Sunday, January 17, 2010


My hands have been busy.

Today I finished organizing my scrapbooking supplies. This also gave me the motivation to finally finish the Disney 2006 scrapbook. It's not finished yet, but I realized I only have like 6 more pages left and everything's together and at my fingertips to finish it quickly. I'm also itching to start another one already... but can't decide if I should do our 2007 Disney trip or actually start Max's first year scrapbook and try to have it done for his second birthday.

I've also finished two of the 5 projects I put on my Ravelry list for January. They are both crochet so I knew they would be a little easier and faster for me, but nonetheless, that's two in a little over 24 hours. Whew, at this pace I'll be looking for more ideas in no time!

Both of these are scarves and both are birthday presents being mailed to Ohio this week. The top is cotton and a hip bohemian pattern that I made up as I went along for a hip young mama and the bottom (a progress picture, not finished) is acrylic for a soon to be OSU student, so you know, he can't mess it up in the wash.

I've got a little boys sweater and hat combo to start (crochet also) to mail to one of my favorite little men in Kansas, a sleep sack either for our little girl (still convinced it is a girl) or it will be shipped off to Ohio, and the second twin blanket. I guess I should finish the first one and also Adam's scarf already also, but I'll tell you what, there's nothing like crochet for instant gratification though.

I realized today that I signed myself up to help coordinate the women's retreat for the church. I had kept thinking about it, but kinda forgot I actually did it. So that should be fun and keep me busy until March. I'm excited to put some handy work directly into the church since besides Bible Study, I haven't done a whole lot since VBS ended. But this year is looking more and more promising for me to actually be involved in ministry in the church. Well more than I have been as the pastor's wife I guess. I'm looking forward to the ladies I'll get to minister to in this coming year! As I think about it, this is what I've been missing, putting myself out there to change others.

It's gonna be another crazy year folks. :)

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