Friday, January 15, 2010

A pregnant girl can dream right?

I love Boden. I have never owned anything from them, but I drool over their catalog every season. The spring collection is no different and i've been flipping through the catalog this time with more reason than the prices to be sad. I won't get to wear any cute flippy skirts this spring because I will be miserably pregnant and by that time my legs will be a road map of veins and I will definitely not be feeling up to making myself pretty. But in the mean time I know it will be for just a season and come summer I'll forget all about it when the baby is here.

So enjoy some lovely skirt eye candy. It makes the snow seem less cold.

Hunh, see a trend in my love for blue and green? Oh! And I love those cute circle sandals too.

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Laura said...

Love the butterfly one!