Thursday, January 28, 2010

Projects in progress

This morning I'm sitting in the sunshine. It's been missing for quite a while. I think it was around some on Tuesday but I was too busy to see it much. Yesterday it flurried and today it looks a lot warmer than it is. But I'm watching drips of melting snow fall off the roof, so the sun must be doing his job.

I've got two more projects on my needles or hook and so I've got all projects I wanted for January at least started. With two days to spare folks. Now that's started, not finished. But none the less, an accomplishment for the lofty goals I had set for myself getting back into yarn.
Last night I added about 20 new projects to my queue of things that I would like to make. Anything from hats to animals to Christmas ornaments. All with yarn.

The second twin blanket. This one in crochet. Kinda fun since I'm making the pattern as I go.

This is a sleep sack for an infant. The picture doesn't show the color values accurately, the peach is actually much pinker. For a baby girl. It will be sent away if this one's a boy, but it's super soft. It's 70% wool and 30% soy. It's bigger than its supposed to be (why don't I ever check my guage) and so it will either be felted a little (wanting to try felting) or will be for about 6mos or so.

Yesterday was spent in rounds of baths and Disney movies. Max woke up with a fever and vomiting and so it was back and forth all day. But today he's looking much better and we're hitting the 24 hour mark without vomit here shortly, so hopefully we're out of the woods.

He fell asleep watching Buzz.

A couple days ago I organized Max's closet in an attempt to start getting things ready for the baby (which will share a space for clothes and things for a while in the nursery with Max while sleeping in our room) I found the step stool we put away for safety reasons a few months ago and realized that now it cannot be down for a whole other set of safety reasons. The first thing Max did was put it on his music table and try to get more height to climb into his crib.

And here he is playing with one of his favorite toys. The vacuum.


Anonymous said...

Fun projects at your house!!Max looks like he's reenergized and ready for action!! Of course he would use the stool to climb higher!! So big!! Grammy

Kara said...

Pretty smart little boy! Love that blanket- hope to use it soon!

Laura said...

Hilarious that he thought of stacking the stool to get even higher!