Monday, March 15, 2010

A few finished projects

I've apparently got a thing for hats lately. Here are the latest three projects off the hook or needles.

First is a hat made for Barb to sleep in for the rest of the cold weather. I'm so glad it fits her and is coming in handy. I've got the yarn near by to be cast on for a lighter "spring" one.

Next is Max's new spring hat. He loves his wool one so much but I think it's just getting to warm for it. So while at the yarn shop the other day he got to pick out new yarn for this hat in a pima cotton so hopefully it will be much better for the spring. I've reworked the hat three times. First I made it too small (the boy keeps growing!) and then too short so I added on a couple of rounds tonight to it and hopefully it will be a little better when we wakes up in the morning looking for it.

Lastly is the first thing I've made for the little girl (since we knew she was a she anyway) and it's a little hat for part of her coming home outfit. I"m planning on making a pair of booties or sock and also maybe a little cardigan that she'll wear along with the dress I came home in oh so many years ago. The dress is yellow, so I decided to go with something decidedly girly and loved the bright "honeysuckle" color in microfiber and nylon (hoping it won't be too warm).

Tonight I cast on stitches for my first wool soaker to use with cloth diapering. I'm excited to see how well it works. I'm only working a few in a newborn size until I decide if I like them or not.

I've joined a baby swap on Ravelry to trade a couple of baby things with a gal in California who's having a little girl the week or so after me so I get to come up with fun things I might not necessarily make for our little one to mail to her. I've got the patterns picked out and I'm just waiting for the yarn inspiration to hit.

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Anonymous said...

Such fun projects!!! You have been busy!! Max is so sweet to model grammy's new hat!!!Thank you so much!!!Grammy