Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh- io

Ohio was a blast. Max rode his first horse and I shopped way way too much for sweet little girl things. How is everything infinitely cuter for little girls than little boys.

We didn't make it to see everyone :( but much time was spent with all these cute little babies that had been born. Max loved each and everyone of them, and I thank the parents for not being over possessive at all and letting Max have a taste of what big brotherhood will be like for him in a few short months. Since we've been home, he's been hyper aware of little babies everywhere we go and whether they are happy or sad and what they are doing. It's been so sweet to see.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the week. They certainly aren't all of them (I think I took around 200) but I know I shouldn't wait any longer to get this post up.

Max with Pop-pop and Grandpa Roger

Playing with Grandpa Roger

Walking with Gigi

Lovin on Grammy (Mi)



Baby lovin (I think this is Landon)

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The Kipps said...

We miss you, come see us anytime.
Love Pop pop and mi