Friday, March 26, 2010

I love being busy

We've had an increasingly hectic schedule, and I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love it. I was telling Barb today, that I finally feel like I've hit my stride. We're busy, active, doing ministry, having friends, sharing meals and love and loss and life together with those around us. How can that not be awesome? It's totally what we're called to do and as tiring as it can sometimes be, we are so blessed and given so much strength when we do. I'm so encouraged by the people and things around me. It's an awesome feeling.

I've started my insomnia phase of the pregnancy. But that also means I get a lot of thinking, reading, and knitting done. Here's my latest two finished projects.
Little booties and a sweater to match the hat for baby girl's coming home outfit.

Speaking of Baby Girl, we still don't have a name - we thought we had one and then decided not to use it because it's pretty common in our area. We have some current contenders again, and so we'll see. She's also getting so big and is so active. She's actually less active than I remember Max being, but I guess she still has 12 weeks to prove to be otherwise. And really, I wouldn't mind a little calmer of a child in this one. I go to the doctor again on Monday, so we'll see how's she's doing then.

On the Max front, he's been loving all the busy-ness as well. He's been a great sleeper and napper lately and he's so agreeable when he does get some good sleep. He's such a little chatterbox lately and amazes me everyday with something else he knows that I didn't know he knew.
Saying squirrel (that's a really hard word and I love the funny way he says it)
He was watching this squirrel eat the corn we've put out. I love the little chair because it's like they think they're a peoples!
This is how I found him after his nap the other day. He was upset because he wasn't sure how to get down even though I've seen him do it a million times. And yes, I left him crying to run and grab the camera, I thought it was so funny.


Anonymous said...

So much fun at your house!!!The "coming home" sweater is so cute!!! Max and his adventures are priceless!! He's getting so big!
Lots of love!! Grammy

Amber said...

The picture makes that little bitty sweater look so big. It is precious! Ben wears his hat that you made him often as it is so windy here. He gets loads of compliments!