Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Should have kept my mouth shut... really... should have....

When I pulled up the blog today to post I almost choked on my coffee :) I love being busy?!? Actually I do, I'm a whole lost more productive and resourceful and a master scheduler when I'm busy. I get all kinds of things done. But really love?

This week has been full of all the wonderful things spring should be. Planting vegetables (lettuce and radishes are first!), eating outside, easy meals, waiting for the temperature to rise enough to play outside in the sunshine, open windows, flowers growing like weeds, watching bunnies and squirrels and birdies, slides and walks. The added bonus is good naps and great sleep at night. Fresh air and sunshine just do something for that.

I've also been filling out my application for the tv show "Hoarders" or at least that's what I keep having nightmares about. We are carpeting our upstairs next week and therefore have been in the process of moving everything downstairs for the carpet people. We have moved everything I can help with (which was not much, Adam did all the work) and this Friday all the furniture comes down for the carpet to be finished on Monday. The process has sent my pregnancy hormones through the roof and I'm totally stressing out about the whole ordeal. Everything has been stacked in our bedroom and I don't have access to my side of the bed. I do guess some of it is my own fault as that whole side is my craft stuff stacked 6ft high. Needless to say, no need to buy fabric for the next century or so. I'm good to go.
I just keep reminding myself that this makes the house finished.... that has a nice ring to it.
Max loved all the moving about, he especially liked that all the furniture is stacked together in the middle of the room making for a lovely jungle gym to climb.

We had a doctor's appointment on Monday which included my 28 week glucose test. I failed it by 6 points. That's not a lot but enough that I have to take the 3 hour test on Friday. Baby girl is measuring two weeks ahead still and so now I have an ultrasound scheduled for the end of April to check on my fluids and her size. I am also being recommended for physical therapy for sciatica and my hip pain. Adam and I then spent our entire lunch with each other discussing names. We still don't have a winner folks, but I think we are getting closer.

I haven't had much time or motivation for yarning lately, but I've been slowly and steadily working on a birthday present, that is now late because of my lack of motivation.

But to be honest I'd rather stare at this
Is there anything sweeter than sunshine shining on a little head?


Anonymous said...

It is good to have things you enjoy to fill your day!!!!-Even if that does equate to being busy!!!Love the Max pictures-he really is superman!!Excited as the due date gets closer-praying healthy and well for all!!Lots of love!! Grammy

Laura said...

Sorry you have to go through the second glucose test...and therapy for sciatica! But it will all be worth it :)