Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Full on Baby Mode

Just a peek- The cutest picture I think I've ever seen.

We lived it up for a week in Ohio, but that post is much more lengthy than I have time to write at the moment. I've instead projected myself into full on baby mode. I'm not even unpacked but have decided instead to start organizing the baby things. Here's some snippets....

something for her to wear - pink and purple laundry (with a hint of blue and green too!)

something for her to eat - feeding tools

somewhere for her to sleep - bedding purchases completed

things to keep her dry and clean - the generosity of friends (Thanks Amber!)


Darby said...

Are you trying cloth diapers? I think that's what I see...
And, I'm only going to complain once, here it is: I don't like hearing "her" I want to hear "her" name (though maybe you haven't quite decided)!!!

Cara Kipp said...

yup yup - those are cloth diapers. Max had some awful diaper rash along the way, so i'm going to try these out and see if i can keep baby girl from the same fate, and if it works out that's great, if not, oh well. i'm also hoping it'll be a little cheaper too. :)