Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

We've had some wonderful days and the rest of this week seems to be no different. With the exception of rain, but hey, I'll take rain if there's a chance it'll be 60 on Wednesday. I'll take it.

We've been outside a lot since the snow/ice is melting off and I can get out with fear of falling on my hiney (for the bazillionth time this winter) and we keep eyeballing the park around the corner waiting for the last of the snow to melt enough to go down the slide. I'm counting on endless spring days running off all of Max's energy on that playground. I just can't keep up with him anymore.

I know people are waiting for the pictures from Ohio still and to hear about our adventures. I can't believe we've been back home a week already. I promise I'll get to it, probably tomorrow night while Adam has his deacon's meeting.

But here's a quick slew of pics of this week:

The spring shawl I just finished in Cascade Ecological Undyed yarn. It was immediately requested for a post nap wake up blankie. What better way to be broken in.

Sweeping the sidewalk.

 Still wearing his requested hat. He loves that he can get it on himself.

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